Argyll to Algarve …

…. and visa versa !

Have you travelled by car from any town or village in the Argyll & Bute region(s) of Scotland — to any town or village within Portugal (in particular the Algarve region) ?

If you have …
…. we request your assistance with our efforts in compiling useful information for the benefit of travellers and holiday makers, including property owners, who reside in either region/country and who would like to make the journey – to or from either region and all points in between – on ‘wheels’ rather than suffer the airports and avoid the restrictions that go hand-in-hand with air travel.

A permanent, web-based record of the [collated] information received will be created.

Your itinerary(ies), which no doubt took much time and effort to compile, may be very useful for other travellers who have often considered the road and sea journey – but never got round to doing it !

Any contributor, engaged in a tourism related business – or not, will have a space for their own use on the [new] web site (if they want it). You don’t have to be in business at all, just have a genuine interest in what we intend to do. If you don’t have a business to promote you could use your ‘web space’ for a variety of purposes, such as showing your pictures/images of the region in which you live. We are open to your ideas and suggestions.

In addition to providing information for travellers and holiday makers wishing to attempt the journey by road (and sea), based on the experiences of others who have made the journey, another objective is to further promote travel and tourism along with cultural awareness, in the regions of each country.
Examples of this are: a ‘Car Rally’ (no, not Isle of Mull style !) and
‘Holiday Exchange’ for disadvantaged or just-needy kids.

In the first instance please contact us – via our Contact Form here


Argyll to Algarve

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Algarve Holiday Accommodation – 2012

VILAMOURA. Grab a bargain – one or two weeks in a spacious, fully equipped three bedroom [duplex] apartment located just over 2kms. from the renowned Marina in Vilamoura.
A secure and established resort with all the usual facilities including 24hr. reception.

Fixed dates: Commencing Sunday 1st. July x 7 nights
and Sunday 8th. July x 7 nights.

GBP 39 per night – No, not per person – for the apartment, for the two weeks booked together.

Sleeps 6 (six) comfortably.
There are two bathrooms.

For further details and booking information
Contact us here

NOTE ADDED – June 2012: Both weeks now reserved, but view the GOLF SPECIAL and Long-Stay Winter Breaks [Vilamoura] from this link Hand Picked – Low Cost 

GJH Property and Leisure

Travel & Leisure

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Getting Married ?

Or just thinking about it. Whichever, getting hitched can be hazardous to your health – well, at least your nerves ! There’s a lot to think about and even if you are one of the best organised persons ever, there’s got to be something you haven’t considered or overlooked. What if something goes unexpectedly wrong … Oh no, can’t think about that !

Sometimes it helps to read and learn about the experiences of other people and how they went about things, for example:

How long should it take to plan a wedding ?
How many bridesmaids should you have ?
How much does a wedding normally cost ?
What happens if the wedding has be cancelled for some reason ?
What sort of ‘themes’ do people use for their wedding day ?
Where can I get some good ideas about where to go on honeymoon ?

Well, you’re in luck. The results of a survey conducted throughout 2011 by ‘Weddingplan’ are available here. Take a look, you may be surprised …….

a PDF file: Weddingplan Survey 2011

You may also find some useful information here including a link to Weddingplan and the Survey 2011, wedding reception, gifts and honeymoon ideas.


Good Luck !

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The Tour of Mull ..

… also referred to as The Best Rally In The World *, organised by the 2300 Club (Mullard Factory, Blackburn –  remember the ‘valve’ ?) up until 2010 when the new organisers: The Mull Car Club held their first event in October of that year – The Tunnock’s Mull Rally.

Tunnock’s (Thomas Tunnock Limited) have sponsored the event since 2005.

The Tour of Mull is (or was) a significant rally for our GJH as he was at the very first event in October 1969, as a marshall.
Having enjoyed a couple of holiday weeks on the Island in previous years, the absolute peace and quiet of the place being a notable feature, he recalls this particular week as the most startling contrast he has ever experienced. Not only was this the first rally on the Island but at the same time ‘When Eight Bells Toll’ , based on the novel by Alistair MacLean, was being filmed. Not only was Tobermory (and the Islanders in general) host to a multitude of rally enthusiasts, competitors and their crews, it was also housing and feeding a large film crew and actors such as: Anthony Hopkins, Robert Morley, Jack Hawkins, Corin Redgrave and Derek Bond.

The rally started at 10.30pm on Saturday 18th. October 1969; 57 crews (from 72 entries) appeared at the start on Main Street.
First away was George Hill & Keith Wood in a Cooper S. They went on to win the rally by only 46 seconds ahead of  Will Sparrow & Nigel Raeburn, also in a Cooper S.
GJH also recalls: another noteworthy feature of the event was the prize giving at the Western Isles Hotel. The prize winners were presented with their trophies by the actress Natalie Delon, who starred in the film: When Eight Bells Toll. Natalie turned up in a tartan mini skirt to do the honours which went down very well with the trophy recipients, not to mention the onlookers, with the exception perhaps of some of the traditional Scots present.

* by Brian Molyneux | The Pentland Press Ltd. | ISBN 0 946270 67 8

Special mention: the late Tom Knowles.

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Algarve Timeshare and Fractional

If you have a timeshare or fractional ownership interest at a resort in the Algarve region of Portugal* – take part in the mini-survey below.
All information given remains confidential ( you are not asked to provide any sensitive information or requested to reveal any personal details ).
After completing the mini-survey – if you wish to ‘relinquish’ or ‘sell’ you can use our secure Contact Form to find out if can assist you.

* or anywhere within Portugal and Madeira Island.

If necessary, click-on the ‘X’ in the small red box to remove the AD box.
( It should disappear all by itself ! )


If you have indicated that you wish to relinquish or sell your timeshare or fractional interest, do not hesitate to use our Contact Form (above) to contact – they may be able to assist you. are well aware that management fees can become an ‘issue’ for some timeshare members/owners and, over the years, have worked with resort developers and administrators to address problems arising from the ‘lack of information’ provided to members/owners by the resort, in addition to misunderstandings on the part of the member/owner.
GJHassociates-LeisureWorld Marketing, the operators of have, during the past 20+ years, devised and implemented a number of schemes and arrangements on behalf of resort developers and administrators which has enabled them to provide solutions to the problems experienced by their timeshare clients relating to the lack of full-use of their timeshare because of old age, infirmity or unfortunate circumstances/situations.

Whereas most [timesharing and fractional] resorts throughout the world have some sort of control on management fees, enforcable – in practice – or not, the presence of a specific Decree Law in Portugal does provide a degree of comfort to members/owners. The control on annual management costs – at resorts located within Portugal including Madeira Island and constituted in accordance with the [current] Decree Law: Direito de Habitação Periódica (D.R.H.P.) ie. the real right of periodic habitation – is quite strict.

Timesharing and fractional ownership is all about holidays, about looking forward to having fun, without being concerned that you may end up at a holday resort/apartment or other style of accommodation that would immediately turn your holiday enjoyment into a ‘holiday to forget’ and you can’t wait to get your hands around the neck of the tour operators representative or agent who sold you the ‘cheap’ but ultimately ‘expensive’ holiday.

Of course, it’s all relevant and what one [holidaymaker] perceives as good-value another might perceive [it] very differently !
Certainly, timesharing is for the independent traveller; for families, couples and individuals who really do like to travel the world. If you are a club member/owner of timeshare in Portugal and Madeira Island, make the most of it – if you don’t know how contact Alternatively, if your circumstances are such that you need to relinquish or sell, may be able to assist you.

Happy Holidays.





Just browsing !

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Is it time to buy in Portugal ?

Since the start of the financial crisis in December 2007 the volume of properties being repossessed by the main banks in Portugal has risen by 350 percent. Most of these properties are auctioned off by the banks.

Maybe it’s a good time to do some research and visit the small-to-medium size developments – located along the Algarve coast – with unsold stock. They may be very willing to make a favorable deal. Don’t forget the other ‘investment-potential’ regions within Portugal, the Silver Coast (Costa de Prata) for example.

Note: GJHassociates, although no longer fully active in estate agency business, can assist serious investors with their general research and [non-legal] due diligence, on a fee paying basis.

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Sushi in Japan …

If you’re a sushi fan, you’ll probably know that Bluefin tuna is is one of the most savoured fish for this type of Japanese dish. You might be surprised to learn that when eating sushi in Japan it’s highly likely the tuna originates from the east coast of the Algarve region of Portugal.
Up to 10 tonnes of tuna are caught each week (depending upon the time of year) with 68 percent being exported to Japan.

It may be easier to visit Olhão in Algarve-Portugal and try a tuna steak (cooked-rare) and save on the air fare !

Personally (admin), I’d prefer it if they left the Bluefin in the Atlantic ………..


Just my opinion

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What happened ? Where are we going ? …

It seems appropriate to quote Winston Churchill:

“Want of foresight, unwillingness to act when action would be simple and effective, lack of clear thinking, confusions of counsel, until the emergency comes, until self-preservation strikes its jarring gong – these are the features that constitute the endless repetition of history.”

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Ramada Jarvis Hotels

Have you recently made a booking at Ramada Jarvis ?

Are you having problems with your advance bookings ?

Tell us about it …

Some information: here

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Jet2holidays and Cheapflights

For the current offer(s) from Jet2 click on the link below:

Click Here To Go …

Happy Holidays !


Compare flight costs from the UK and save money with this useful resource:


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