Harry Potter fans …

When you’re visiting London this (2.5 hour) tour, which takes you to some of the sites made famous by the movie franchise – Harry Potter, is a must-do for Potter fans.

Every day and all year round – departing from Leicester Square – the walking tour includes a 15 minute boat cruise along the River Thames and a London Underground journey.

You’ll see and experience many of the locations where some of the famous scenes were shot, including:
The cafe attack (The Death Hallows Part 1)
The Seven Potters Battle in the London sky (The Death Hallows Part 1)
The thoroughfare on which Diagon Alley was based.

The magical platform 9 3/4 signwhere Harry catches the Hogwart’s Express.

The bridge destroyed by Lord Voldemort’s Death Eaters (Half-Blood Prince).
The bridge where the Knight Bus squeezes between two London Double Decker buses (Prisoner of Azkaban).
The entrance to the Leaky Cauldron that Harry and Hagrid entered on their way to Diagon Alley (Sorcerers Stone / Philosophers Stone).
The entrance to the Leaky Cauldron where the Knight Bus dropped Harry off (Prisoner of Azkaban).
The location of the red telephone box where Harry and Mr Weasley descend into the secret Ministry of Magic (Order of the Phoenix).
The secret hideout where Harry is reunited with Sirius Black (Order of the Phoenix)
Plus much, much moreā€¦

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