Argyll to Algarve …

…. and visa versa !

Have you travelled by car from any town or village in the Argyll & Bute region(s) of Scotland — to any town or village within Portugal (in particular the Algarve region) ?

If you have …
…. we request your assistance with our efforts in compiling useful information for the benefit of travellers and holiday makers, including property owners, who reside in either region/country and who would like to make the journey – to or from either region and all points in between – on ‘wheels’ rather than suffer the airports and avoid the restrictions that go hand-in-hand with air travel.

A permanent, web-based record of the [collated] information received will be created.

Your itinerary(ies), which no doubt took much time and effort to compile, may be very useful for other travellers who have often considered the road and sea journey – but never got round to doing it !

Any contributor, engaged in a tourism related business – or not, will have a space for their own use on the [new] web site (if they want it). You don’t have to be in business at all, just have a genuine interest in what we intend to do. If you don’t have a business to promote you could use your ‘web space’ for a variety of purposes, such as showing your pictures/images of the region in which you live. We are open to your ideas and suggestions.

In addition to providing information for travellers and holiday makers wishing to attempt the journey by road (and sea), based on the experiences of others who have made the journey, another objective is to further promote travel and tourism along with cultural awareness, in the regions of each country.
Examples of this are: a ‘Car Rally’ (no, not Isle of Mull style !) and
‘Holiday Exchange’ for disadvantaged or just-needy kids.

In the first instance please contact us – via our Contact Form here


Argyll to Algarve

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