Getting Married ?

Or just thinking about it. Whichever, getting hitched can be hazardous to your health – well, at least your nerves ! There’s a lot to think about and even if you are one of the best organised persons ever, there’s got to be something you haven’t considered or overlooked. What if something goes unexpectedly wrong … Oh no, can’t think about that !

Sometimes it helps to read and learn about the experiences of other people and how they went about things, for example:

How long should it take to plan a wedding ?
How many bridesmaids should you have ?
How much does a wedding normally cost ?
What happens if the wedding has be cancelled for some reason ?
What sort of ‘themes’ do people use for their wedding day ?
Where can I get some good ideas about where to go on honeymoon ?

Well, you’re in luck. The results of a survey conducted throughout 2011 by ‘Weddingplan’ are available here. Take a look, you may be surprised …….

a PDF file: Weddingplan Survey 2011

You may also find some useful information here including a link to Weddingplan and the Survey 2011, wedding reception, gifts and honeymoon ideas.


Good Luck !

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