Algarve Timeshare and Fractional

If you have a timeshare or fractional ownership interest at a resort in the Algarve region of Portugal* – take part in the mini-survey below.
All information given remains confidential ( you are not asked to provide any sensitive information or requested to reveal any personal details ).
After completing the mini-survey – if you wish to ‘relinquish’ or ‘sell’ you can use our secure Contact Form to find out if can assist you.

* or anywhere within Portugal and Madeira Island.

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If you have indicated that you wish to relinquish or sell your timeshare or fractional interest, do not hesitate to use our Contact Form (above) to contact – they may be able to assist you. are well aware that management fees can become an ‘issue’ for some timeshare members/owners and, over the years, have worked with resort developers and administrators to address problems arising from the ‘lack of information’ provided to members/owners by the resort, in addition to misunderstandings on the part of the member/owner.
GJHassociates-LeisureWorld Marketing, the operators of have, during the past 20+ years, devised and implemented a number of schemes and arrangements on behalf of resort developers and administrators which has enabled them to provide solutions to the problems experienced by their timeshare clients relating to the lack of full-use of their timeshare because of old age, infirmity or unfortunate circumstances/situations.

Whereas most [timesharing and fractional] resorts throughout the world have some sort of control on management fees, enforcable – in practice – or not, the presence of a specific Decree Law in Portugal does provide a degree of comfort to members/owners. The control on annual management costs – at resorts located within Portugal including Madeira Island and constituted in accordance with the [current] Decree Law: Direito de Habitação Periódica (D.R.H.P.) ie. the real right of periodic habitation – is quite strict.

Timesharing and fractional ownership is all about holidays, about looking forward to having fun, without being concerned that you may end up at a holday resort/apartment or other style of accommodation that would immediately turn your holiday enjoyment into a ‘holiday to forget’ and you can’t wait to get your hands around the neck of the tour operators representative or agent who sold you the ‘cheap’ but ultimately ‘expensive’ holiday.

Of course, it’s all relevant and what one [holidaymaker] perceives as good-value another might perceive [it] very differently !
Certainly, timesharing is for the independent traveller; for families, couples and individuals who really do like to travel the world. If you are a club member/owner of timeshare in Portugal and Madeira Island, make the most of it – if you don’t know how contact Alternatively, if your circumstances are such that you need to relinquish or sell, may be able to assist you.

Happy Holidays.





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2 Responses to Algarve Timeshare and Fractional

  1. impression says:

    Thanks, good information and as a timeshare owner I agree with what you say. A friend a mine has dealt with GJH associates in the past, they sold their timeshare for them at the Portobelo hotel. Just out of interest, is algarve the same people ?

    • GJHadmin says:

      Thanks for your comment and yes, they are the same people however, since the retirement of one of the associates [partner] and the semi-retirement of another, GJHassociates no longer have offices at certain Algarve resorts and with regard to timeshare resale activity, full-sales-agency-terms of business is no longer available.
      Their current (and future) timesharing activities will be limited to the creation and implementation of products, schemes and arrangements which deal/assist with the control of resort management accounts and resort inventory. In addition, holiday products designed to maximise resort revenue. will offer an advertising/promotion programme to sellers of Algarve-located timeshare weeks and fractional interests. They will not get involved with sale and purchase negotiations directly, but, as they have no financial interest in a transaction, they can offer impartial advice to both buyers and sellers. See their web site for information about the programmes available.

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