Cassette Tapes gone forever ?

Sad but true. It seems the cassette tape has become a ‘dinosaur’, the word(s) have even been removed from the Oxford English Dictionary – much to the disgust of several prominent persons; but there must be millions of people with treasured musical-memories, audio books and important-personal information stored away on millions of cassette tapes around the world.

We’ve posted this article for a good reason –  we need to know (1) how many people have cassette tapes lying around with content that is important to them, and (2) how many of you would like to have that cassette tape converted to a digital source for easy playing on a computer or any other digital player – but ‘just haven’t got round to it’ or ‘don’t know how to go about it’.

We are very serious about this and anyone responding to our request – ie. directly related to our request (1) and (2) above – will be included in a free prize draw for 7 nights holiday accommodation within an available resort, hotel or holiday property at great locations around the world – free of charge and with no restrictions or unpleasant conditions attached.

Please feel free to use the comment facility below however, we would prefer that you use our Contact Form –  we will reply a.s.a.p. – all we need is your full name and email address – to include in the prize draw and which will remain confidential. Of course – don’t forget your comments !

If you are wondering what this all about and wish to know more, contact us and we’ll tell you. We will respond only, to genuine contacts.

NOTE: This post will self-destruct on the 30th. November 2011, but could be earlier.

NOTE – 28th. November 2011.
We’ve reset the fuse and this post will now self-destruct during the first week of January 2012, so please continue to send your comments via the Contact Form.
Thank You to the people who have commented to-date, the winner of the prize draw, and all who have contributed, will be notified by email before the end of January 2012.

NOTE (final !): Congratulations to Alan H. of Cheshire, winner of our prize draw. All contributors have been notified.

Decided not to allow the post to self-destruct and comments (related to the above) are still invited. Please use the Contact Form.


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