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Now you can (if you wish) search all pages on our web sites and blogs quickly and easily ………………………………..
Using our Custom-Search facility, provided by Google, you can, without fuss or waste of your valuable surfing-time, find exactly what you want using single or multiple keyword(s).

Holidays – travel – entertainment – club – leisure  or  accommodation are just a few useful words to insert in our search box, which will bring you – in an instant, a list of suitable links to follow to get the information you require [for your choice of keyword]; there are many more and not necessarily related to travel, property or leisure.
For example: try chocolate to view links to some great offers from a range of suppliers – top quality chocolate to sweets for the kids’ at great prices.

Go to our custom-search here:   GJH Custom Search


The Club House - GJH Algarve

The Club House is for you ....

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