Car Hire – Worldwide

Holidays, temporary use or business travel; you can spend hours trying to find the best deal for your circumstances !

Here’s a great resource that does it all for you. Quick and easy – just enter basic details and you will be presented with a wide range of car types and competitive prices. Booking is also very easy to complete.

I think most of us at GJH have used this service at some time, without any hassles at all.

Just one point, we always use an independent insurance company to cover the ‘CDW and theft – excess waiver’.

However, with regard to the above, several clients say they have utilised the ‘CDW and theft – excess waiver’ insurance cover offered by the car hire supplier and some of them have reported that they have had to invoke this ‘extra’ cover, following some ‘idiot’ marking the side [length] of the car with a ring or coin, or similar damage to the vehicle.

They also report that they did not experience any ‘problems’ when returning the car; which is good to hear !

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