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Hello and Welcome ..

This is the first post on The Club House – January 6th. 2011 and on behalf of the partners and associates at GJH I would like to welcome and invite you to join in and have bit of fun.

Hope you also find some useful stuff !

Çiaõ,  Amelia – Coordinator (the one who uses the typewriter ! – ie. GJHadmin).








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News and Information from ART & Crafts

If you would like to be informed – by email – when new items become available from the Hand Crafted Range – by Marjolein Haworth, just drop us a line. Please use our contact form, click-on Contact Us in the menu at the top of this page.

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Goldfinger – would you like one ?

That’s not such a bad idea … a finger made of 24 carat 0.999 fine gold;
imagine, at the checkout in your local supermarket, you just shave-off a few grams from your [golden] index finger to settle your bill and a few seconds later your [magical] finger returns to it’s original 200 gram ready for the next shop purchase ! ………

Seriously though,
if  you can trust the banks to hold your money responsibly, following recent revelations, thats fine, but there’s something about gold that appeals to many people. Let’s face it, the intrinsic value of gold is simply the price someone [else] is prepared to pay for it. However, that said, it would be nice to have
a 1 Kilo 24kt 999.9 pure bar (around GBP32,000 – GBP33,000 to buy at the moment) or even a few 22kt Krugerrands (around GBP1,000 – GBP1,200 each just now) tucked away under the floorboards (or safe deposit box may be best) to bring out on a rainy day – or bring out any time just to touch and admire.

It’s amazing, isn’t it ? all the countries currently implementing austerity measures with many of their citizens suffering quite badly and they’re sat on enormous gold reserves.

Take Portugal, for example – currently sitting on gold reserves worth more than 16 billion euros, more than 382 tonnes.
That’s more than the reserves held by the UK and almost double the amount held by South Africa and Australia together, and they’re major gold-producing countries !
You only need to read the [local] newspapers or view the many reports available on the internet to get a good idea of the problems experienced – right now and probably for some time to come – by it’s citizens. Yes, there are lots of people in Portugal with a lot of money but there are more without. For outsiders, it’s a great time to buy that holiday property wherever is popular at the moment, they will find an abundance of bank-repossessed properties to choose from; they will also find a near-corresponding number of families, individuals or couples looking for cheap rental accommodation and stuck with a continuing debt the banks seem unwilling to rationalise.

It’s been on the cards for a while – or at least a consideration for some policy-makers in the eurozone – to start using gold reserves in a ‘creative’ way. Perhaps not to sell, that could end up in disaster, but to utilise a percentage of the gold reserves as security or provide a [unique] guarantee to enable borrowing [by the respective country] at reduced rates.
Sounds like a good idea to me and probably easy to set-up; after all, it has been done before.


……… Hmmm, a gold finger, it would solve a lot of problems, but create so many more !
It would be just too easy, wouldn’t it ?


Wish I had a gold finger






NOTE added 29th. January 2013: Get the current Spot Price for Gold here

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Wish You Were Here … i think .. yeah sure ..

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A few Classics in Vilamoura

A few pics for Classic Car enthusiasts, like us ….
The pictures were taken during the annual Algarve Classic Car Rally in 2006.

for more Classic Car pics click the link below
All pictures © 2006-2012 - GJHassociates


You’ll find more pics here

If you are a Classic Car enthusiast and have some great pics that you would like to see on this site or one of our other websites (we will produce a gallery of your pictures you should be pleased with !) – you are invited to contact us and arrange to upload the pics.

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Summer Holiday Sale

Save Money on your holiday hotel and receive a Gift Voucher ..

Sounds great, have a look …..






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Get Your Mobile Website …

Do you have a business web site ? … then you need a mobile website.
Because a business without – a website that can be quickly~easily read on a mobile phone – is losing potential customers and not retaining as many as it could.

You don’t need to have a business, or a website – most individuals can also make use of a mobile website.
Just use your imagination, then contact us (or contact us for ideas).

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You choose the number of pages and we will assist you with the content of each page, which will be designed to provide your customers and enquirers with quick and easy access to details about your services, products etc., at the same time giving them a pleasant browsing experience.

There are many more features !

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Diecast Model Show

A great show of models and some great treats to eat. The Diecast Model Show in Campbeltown, Kintyre on Saturday 10th. was a huge success, it is reported.
The event raised £540 of which £300 was presented to the Campbeltown Hospital and the Campbeltown Nursery received £240.

If you are interested in diecast model toys, don’t forget:



Get Bidding

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Resize your images

On occasion, you may need to resize your pictures or optimize your photos for the web, or just for fun.

Reduce image size.
Crop or sharpen photos.
Change width and height or rotate.
Convert to black and white.
Adjust contrast, brightness and saturation.
Add a border to your photo.

Try this – quick and easy – here

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Flights – UK to Faro. Algarve. Portugal

A selection of cheap flights from UK airports direct to Faro in the sunny Algarve.

Find a flight to suit you – quick and easy booking.
Great prices – just click here

Check out the holiday accommodation deals at GJHassociates – LeisureWorld Marketing.

Marina Vilamoura


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A year in focus – 2011

The Story of a Year …
Some great images – view them full screen – click on the four-arrows
(bottom right of the viewer).


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